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Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Testing
Sensory evaluation Consumer testing sensory test

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Enhancing product appeal through comprehensive evaluation.

What makes one lavender-scented lotion for dry skin more desirable than another? UL-STR’s sensory testing division is uniquely positioned to answer that question—and thousands like it. In our laboratories, market knowledge, scientific expertise and technical skill come together to determine whether a product meets quality and performance specifications that consumers demand—in the most competitive markets.

Our comprehensive sensory services include focus groups; ASTM-screened expert and technical panels that provide descriptive analysis and difference tests as well as sensory assessments; customized consumer use studies; claims validation and category, brand and product intelligence. Unlike other contract laboratories, UL-STR has a staff of multi-disciplinary experts who are globally respected leaders in their fields. We offer a holistic, customized approach to help ensure that products work well—and smell just as good.

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