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UL STR's Guide to CPSIA - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you've reached this page, you probably had it bookmarked. Please note this page has been updated and moved to UL STR's Guide to CPSIA. Please view it there. Thank you.

UL STR’s Guide to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) represents actual questions received from UL STR clients. The responses provided are based upon the best and most current information and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidance available.

This guide is available to assist our clients and prospective clients in gaining a greater understanding of the complex provisions of CPSIA and to ease their ongoing efforts toward full compliance.


Section 101 - Lead

Section 102 - Mandatory Third Party Testing

Section 103 - Tracking Labels

Section 105 - Labeling Requirements for Advertising Toys & Games

Section 106 - Mandatory Toy Safety Standards

Section 108 - Phthalates


Are you up to date on CPSIA? Download UL STR's Guide to CPSIA by submitting the short form below. A representative will follow up with you shortly.

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