Prevent Car Theft With These Helpful Hints

Fortunately, you can also take measures yourself to reduce the risk of car theft. The first three tips mentioned are fairly obvious but are often forgotten. The other measures are not all equally well known, but they are certainly effective. If you are interested, here’s some information that can help you to reduce the risk of car theft, you can post some blogs here, visit (

Find a suitable parking space

It is generally known that thieves are mainly active in remote places. Therefore, park in a garage or other safe and well-lit parking space. More people walk there and there are usually cameras. A good reason for a thief to leave your car. Besides, which is more annoying, paying for parking or a stolen car?

Don’t leave expensive stuff in your car

Your car is more attractive to a thief if it contains valuables. Preferably take your belongings with you. If there is no way you can take your belongings with you, put them in the glove compartment or at least out of sight. Electronics are especially popular with thieves and this is easy to detect by the signal they emit. Therefore, always take your electronics with you when you park your car to reduce the risk of car theft.

Turn the steering wheel before getting out

By briefly turning the steering wheel (with the wheels towards the curb), the car falls into the steering wheel lock. This provides extra security and only costs you a few seconds extra when parking.

Use a steering wheel lock

Another measure you can take to prevent theft is to use a steering wheel lock. A Stoplock PRO steering lock with SCM approval is made of hardened steel and easy to install. It makes stealing your car more difficult and can prevent car theft. This steering wheel lock is currently one of the best steering wheel locks and is for sale in our webshop for only €99.00.

Glue or nail the license plate

This measure is a DIY. Gluing your license plate prevents thieves from stealing your license plate. You can do this yourself or we will glue your license plate for FREE. The license plate can also be etched into the windows so that your car is even better marked. In this way, you make it less attractive for thieves to steal your car.

Carriage bolts

Your beautiful rims can also be stolen. To prevent this, you can place carriage bolts on your rims. The carriage bolts can only be loosened with the supplied special adapter and thus make it more difficult to steal the alloy wheels. Order carriage bolts for your rims directly in our webshop!

Vehicle Tracking System

If you install the vehicle tracking system, you can always trace your car. This system links theft tracking with trip registration for optimal security. In the event of a break-in or sabotage, a report is automatically sent to the control room, where immediate action is taken. The vehicle tracking system is available separately at one of our branches or in combination with the alarm system classes 4 and 5. You can easily make an appointment in our workshop to have a vehicle tracking system installed.

Faraday cage

Keeping your key in a Faraday cage prevents the key’s signal from getting out. In this way, criminals cannot catch and amplify this signal. A Faraday cage is a metal cage, such as a cookie jar. Nowadays there are also key covers for sale where the inside is provided with metal foil, which gives the same effect. We recommend that you test your Faraday cage first, as a crack or crack can already cause the signal to slip out.

An alarm system

Not all cars have an alarm system and this increases the risk of car theft. A car alarm warns the environment and can deter the thief.

Bear lock

With a Bearlock, you secure your car in an efficient and simple way. The Bearlock blocks your gears, making driving away without a key almost impossible. Make an appointment immediately to have a Bearlock installed in your car.