Safety Tips To Avoid Marks On Field Watches

Scratches are a pretty nerve-wracking affair for many watch enthusiasts. Sooner or later the good piece will get scratched, the signs of wear are simply part of the hobby. The good news is that there are safety measures to avoid scratches on the Best field watch.

Watch your movements

Most “watch accidents” happen because you are not mindful. If you pay just a little attention to how you do certain things, your watch will not suffer from major scratches. Pay attention to the most inconspicuous things in everyday life. Whenever you open doors, buckle up in the car, use keys or reach into the refrigerated section in the supermarket, always use the hand on which you are not wearing a watch. In this way, your beloved piece of jewelry has no chance of getting an unnecessary scratch.


Keep buttons and zippers away from your luxury watch

If metal buttons and zippers on clothing come into contact with your watch, scratches and impacts are usually not too far away. Of course, you shouldn’t do without your favorite outfits because of your luxury watch, but with some items of clothing, at least a little caution doesn’t hurt.

If you like to wear denim jackets in your free time, pay attention to the typical metal buttons. The bottom of the button likes to make contact with your watch when slipping under your sleeve. So that your luxury watch cannot be damaged, simply roll up your sleeves once, so the good piece is safe and there are no nasty surprises.

Don’t let your luxury watch out of your hands

Don’t give your luxury watch into the wrong hands, especially not to people who don’t have a thing for watches. They’re not as watch-mad as you are, so they won’t treat your luxury watch with the care you do. Even with concessionaires and watchmakers, you sometimes have to be a little careful.

Don’t overdo the cleaning

Your polishing cloth should always be clean when cleaning your watch dry or wet, otherwise, it can leave scratches. You shouldn’t overdo it with dry cleaning anyway. The more you rub your watch dry with the polishing cloth, the more dirt particles can accumulate that can scratch the beloved piece. This type of cleaning is pointless on the brushed areas of your timepiece anyway. If your luxury watch is water resistant to at least 100 meters, you can clean it with soap and water, but do not use a toothbrush. Never exert too much pressure when cleaning your luxury watch and always make sure that your cleaning tools are flawless.