Safety: How To Recognize Good Ergonomic Chairs

One thing is very clear. An ergonomic chair is the most significant thing for relaxed work in the office. Although other factors should not be ignored, you sit on the office chair every day for hours. The wrong sitting position can cause substantial damage to your health. Slipped discs and chronic back problems are not uncommon. So what should ergonomic chairs be like?

Do the ergonomic office chairs have 3D ergonomics?

Remember that not every office chair that is named ergonomic is also perfect ergonomically and comfy at the same time. And only very few have so-called 3D ergonomics.

When you say 3D ergonomics, it means that the ergonomic swivel chair allows movement when sitting in three dimensions. These are up and down, forwards and backwards, and to both sides. Thanks to 3D ergonomic features, such an ergonomic chair supports the intuitive activities of the person. This feature permits the body back to normal movement patterns even if you are sitting. Thus, safety is guaranteed with 3D ergonomics.

Can you adjust the ergonomic office chair individually?

Individual setting options are essential for a modern, ergonomic office chair. Make sure that you can adjust the office chair not only in terms of seat height and body weight, but also to your individual needs for movement.


What is the lifespan of ergonomic office chairs?

You should change non-ergonomic office chairs at least eight years after purchase.

On the other hand, an excellent ergonomic office chair has a much longer useful life.  You should also pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. High-quality materials and excellent workmanship increase the lifespan of your ergonomic office chair considerably. And above all, the resale worth also remains similarly high. It is not unusual for a first-rate office chair to last for 20 years. This is good not only for your wallet but for your health as well.

Customer service and the warranty often show you whether ergonomic office chairs are of high quality. A company like Autonomous has high quality principles. They will help you with all your queries regarding ergonomic office chairs and help you to get the most out of your back- and movement-friendly chair. In addition, excellent office chairs come with a warranty of several years.